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My child takes a nap in the mornings almost exactly two hours after she wakes up. Like clockwork.

Today she took a nap at 6:30am.

Right. And it might be the Stockholm Syndrome talking, but that’s ok. I mean, whatever. She slept through for the night and then she was up, and I was the recipient of really awesome smiles and giggles and then I went and woke up Mike by crawling into bed with the baby, chirping with a singsong voice “you’re DONE sleeping!”, a phrase we coined from a friend’s three year old that we learned as guests in their home on an extremely bright and early morning. (Done! All Done! Everyone is done sleeping!)

And Mike groaned and then starting making quacking sounds that make the baby laugh, and coffee was procured, and we sat around in our pajamas watching the baby figure out how to roll over and babble to her best friend Mr. Ceiling Fan, and anyway, happy anniversary, babe. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the morning with any other person, or in any other way.


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File under: Things I Had Not Previously Considered: Roundup: Monica Lewinsky and Feminism

That link is an interesting collection current feminists looking back at the Monica Lewinksy scandal. 

I was 17 when that whole thing went down (phrasing!) (sorry), and it has never, not once, occurred to me to think about it in any other terms than a political scandal. I was certainly aware of the scandal at the time, but I’ve never thought of the impact that could come from narrative of it’s reporting: 

To look back on the specifics now is mind-blowing. The Wall Street Journal referred to Lewinsky – in print – as a “little tart.” New York Magazine reported that, as an adolescent, Lewinsky had spent two summers at fat camp, where she “paid particular attention to the boys.” (Code word: Slut.) Maureen Dowd won a Pulitzer Prize for her coverage of Lewinsky, in which she called her a “ditzy, predatory White House intern” and “the girl who was too tubby to be in the high school ‘in’ crowd,” among other ugly caricatures. Fox News actually released a poll investigating whether the public thought Lewinsky was an “average girl” or a “young tramp looking for thrills.” Fifty four percent rated her a tramp.


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