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Yeeeeaaaars ago I belonged to this message board at Television Without Pity. It was a message board for people who watched The West Wing, but this particular board was for non-show related talk, and I’d feel slightly embarrassed about being such an active member of an Internet community except: a) It’s almost 2012 and I think we’re all over that by now and b) that board functioned in almost identical fashion to my Twitter timeline – a group of people discussing random topics throughout the day, topics I could choose to join in on or just observe, and Twitter is hip so apparently I was just way ahead of my time.

At some point on that board someone asked people to list their favorite inspirational pictures. I had recently read an article in Runners World about Katherine Switzer, the first woman to register and run the Boston Marathon. At the time (1967), females were  not allowed to officially enter the race (running long distances was at that time not thought to be good for our, um, delicate systems), but Katherine had qualified and registered with a gender neutral name (K.V. Switzer – her first and middle initial), and lined up to run the race.

When a race official saw her on the race course with official numbers, he shouted “Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers!” and attempted to physically remove her from the course.

The pictures of this incident are jaw dropping to me—the violence and anger present in trying to remove a female from the race course still gets my blood boiling. I remember reading this article and seeing this picture and thinking to myself how amazing it was for this woman to keep plodding along, one foot in front of another, almost oblivious to the world around her trying to tell her  “You can’t.”

A few weeks ago, I opened my Runners World Quote of the Day, and found again Katherine Switzer:

When I go to the Boston Marathon now, I have wet shoulders—women fall into my arms crying. They’re weeping for joy because running has changed their lives. They feel they can do anything.

–  Katherine Switzer

Goddamn if that’s not the truth. I started running because I was dealing with chronic illness and I felt that if I could keep moving it meant I was not sickly; I kept running (and triathloning and crossfitting) because the feeling I get when I’m doing those things makes me feel like I can do anything.

So there you go, kids. That’s my feel good running quote of the day for you. Keep sweating, etc.

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All I Want For Christmas

My stepdaughter spends Christmas with her mom’s family, which means Christmas for my side of the family is just 8 adults, no kids. This means that in addition to lots of late nights boozing and late mornings sleeping, our Christmas shopping lists are different from a lot of my friends who make the holiday about their little ones.

This year we decided to high tech the shopping (well: “high tech”) and make Google Doc spreadsheets for each person. Each sheet has a desired item, a link if appropriate, and a column for who has purchased it. Everyone has access to these lists except the recipient. It’s working out well so far — things are added that we know people would like, and we can pick and choose from a host of things we might not considered. I like it. I like getting people gifts I know they’ll enjoy, and I like the community aspect of it. It’s been fun to collaborate with my sibling’s spouses about gifts and what is wanted.

Anyway, with regards to this, I asked Mike about my list, which prompted the following IM conversation:

 me:  How’s my list looking? need any ideas?
 Mike:  depends. do you want anything besides gift certificates to Lowes, a new cordless drill, and a radial arm saw?
 me:  … i do
 Mike:  really?
 me:  shocking, i know
 Mike:  feel free to send ideas, but I think you’ll really like the new drill.

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All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas

From Twitter, today.

When I first saw this I actually misread it as “The ability to disagree with ANY question without being dismissed as a kill joy”, which is absolutely a function of having grown up with my brother, who has never let an opportunity for disagreement/debate pass him by without diving right in.

Whatever. Still funny.

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