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After taking a month off from work travel, I’m back at it. I don’t really mind traveling for work; my team is scattered across the country and there is no one place I could live where I would see them every day; as such, when I’m not traveling, I’m generally working alone. And that is GREAT when you need a break and to hibernate and get things done, but my personality is such that I can’t really do that full time without going crazy and getting depressed. It’s great to see my teammates in person and spend days working in a big group, almost as great as it is banging through spreadsheets while sitting in sweatpants and homemade coffee in my mug.

Balance, is what I’m saying.

A couple interesting quotes have caught my eye this week:

Is Obama doing to the US what Reagan did to the Soviet Union? I don’t know, but Michael Reagan is doing a good job scaring the pants off me about it.

(See, last week we were all abortion talk, this week I’m linking Fox News. Truly, I am a woman of many onion-like layers)

“I decided it just wasn’t worth it” This is a quote from the beginning of a book called “The Female Vision: Women’s Real Power At Work.” I haven’t read it (though that’s my plan for the plane ride home tonight), but it sparked a really interesting conversation with a coworker regarding our definition of success at our company – which is an “up or out” partnership based model – and what it was worth to us to be successful – here, or in any job. I know this sounds like another “Women kind of bitching about how sometimes working a lot isn’t very fun” (to be fair: I don’t know many men who are asked if they felt their jobs were ‘worth it’ ; I think the luxury of choice adds an additional element of angst that we (the womenfolk) tend to take for granted)  but it’s still interesting to have an intelligent discussion with your coworkers about core values.

(This actually brought up an additional conversation which I found just as interesting: Some people operate under the policy that they work when they’re at work, and then they leave, and their lives are their own, completely separate. I don’t work like that, and I don’t want to. I don’t want to be good friends with all my coworkers, but I very much want to know them and enjoy spending time with them, and I want them to know me and feel the same. I tend to think that a lot of effectiveness at work is personality driven, and it’s important to me to understand (and hopefully respect) the personalities around me. )

And lastly: Blinded Seeing Eye Dog Gets Seeing Eye Dog. Say it with me: awwwwww.

So that’s all I’ve got for you, folks. Republicans, ‘Women’s Issues’ (cough), and puppies.

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Back to the Beginning

Hey guys, I’ve ended my self imposed hiatus over at Bodies in Motivation – I’ve got a new post up there about getting back to Crossfit.

“Come to the 7pm class – given today’s workout, you’re probably better off with the beginner class”

Is that not the scariest email ever? Being told that the nature of the workout is so hard that you need to start back at the beginning? I didn’t even have time to get my ego in a huff, because when the coach at Crossfit tells you to be afraid: dude, be afraid.

In other news:

I had to take a new corporate head shot and, seriously, there is NOTHING that makes me feel as big a dork as doing that, and I always look about 13 years old and playing dress up, which, as you can probably guess, is exactly the look I am going for. (Not really.)

(Relatedly, I showed up at a meeting with a client last year and my client’s boss looked at me and said “I didn’t realize I was paying for interns!” I. Died. More accurately, me and my master’s degree DIED. I have always been the youngest person on any team I’ve been on, and that was fun in my early 20s because everyone was always happy to mentor and teach me but I’m getting to the point where I’m tired of being the little girl in the group. Which is why I was happy to see my first gray hair, because, seriously, people. Intern? Bite me.)

(Also relatedly, my company accidentally removed me from the Outlook exchange [something about switching me to the Denver office from the Arlington office apparently…deleted me? For a few days. Or so I am told.] Anyway, they promise me it was a mistake, but I still had a few Office Space-esq moments where I was all “Maybe they were just correcting a payroll mistake and I don’t actually work here anymore? Uh oh.” This was all punctuated by no less than 4 phone calls from people asking me why I didn’t tell them I was quitting, and honestly, by the end of the day I half believed I was no longer employed. [I am employed. Um, as far as I know.])

And in conclusion, it would appear that “relatedly” is not actually a word. So! That’s my Friday. Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

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