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After writing my hissy fit post, I woke up to get in another long pre-work training: a 13 mile run that HAD to be done by 7am.

So that’s like a two hour workout, meaning I had to be out the door by NLT 5am, which means, oh MAN this is the type of math that NEVER ends well.

Anyway! It’s ok! Cause we’re nearing the finish! And I gotta get it in, so no use bitching! Etc!

I got out the door, maybe a few minute late but still within the zone, and got moving. And it was hot. It was humid. It was early. My body is tired. I was one big moving interpretation of the word “Grumble.”

And then at mile 5:

Man, I just love running in my city. Because moments like that, it totally feels like MY city, like I get it all to myself, sharing only with those other fools who are up doing the same thing.

It ended up being  a great run. I was damn near delirious near the end, but I got it in and done and felt great. And while the rest of the day was unbelievably hectic, I love those moments of IM training where you think “It’s working out, I’m getting it done. I am having fun with this. Now someone bring me some effing food.”

So, that’s all well and good, but the best part of this story, by far, is the fact that that picture? Was taken with my iPhone. Handy that I had that with me, right? It fits perfectly in the back pocket of my running/tri top, and bringing it with me was like the Best Idea Ever… until I got home and found a chafed section on my lower back in the exact shape of an iPhone.

You guys. I gave myself an iPhone tramp stamp. The roads between trashy and geeky have intersected on my lower back.

Truly, Ironman training changes your life in ways you never thought possible.

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Soooooooooooooo. Yes. I have both a blog and an IM training schedule. Both have been slightly neglected.

The race is soon. Frighteningly soon. And I’m still screwing up nutrition on the bike, which is Seriously Freaking Me Out. Most long rides I have been doing I have just felt … god, I dunno, so TIRED about 2 hours in.  My last long ride I full on bonked 1.5 hours in, indicating the nutrition I have been using is just plain not working, which, I mean, from a learning perspective I suppose is nice, but it’s not helping me get the mileage in.

I can be thankful that at least I have friends that take pictures while in motion, however:

I had grand plans to get in a solid mid week ride this morning (3x 10 mile time trials), which is a longish ride for the morning but not undoable, especially with daylight starting so early. No problem, right? So of course I managed to get a flat 8 miles in, which is theoretically not a big deal, but then my spare tube wouldn’t inflate, and a friend who stopped to help ALSO couldn’t get another tube to inflate, and I had to call for a ride to come save me. Ugh, a full morning wasted, for both me AND Mike, who had to abandon his workout to pick me up.

How many bike tubes does it take to get me home ...

Two botched rides is not necessarily a recipe for disaster, but we’re at that point in training where every little thing just seems more overwhelming than the next.

Two people in one house training for for the same Ironman is AWESOME if you need companion for training rides/runs/swims, or even just for someone to listen to you while you debate the nutritional merits of eGels vs Gu vs Gatorade. Two people in one house training for the same Ironman is NOT awesome if you need someone to, say, take care of shit. Handle life. Grocery shop, pick up dry cleaning, clean the house, walk the dog, do laundry, fold laundry, put away laundry, do laundry again. Make dinner. Clean up dinner. Etc.  All the little maintenancy life things that have to happen to keep things moving along that get downgraded on the priority list when IM training really gears up.

Or, as I so delicately put it the other day: “We need a wife.”

Anyway, so that’s where we are. I’m out of time to make up botched workouts, which means sitting on the side of the road this morning trying to get in a third tube to my damn front wheel was basically the most frustrating thing in the world. But that’s ok. It’s all part of the process, and I’ve been here before. But man, you know: ugh. Just… ugh.

Which is all to say: we’ve decreed a “One IM Training Person At A Time” rule in our house. Assuming we ever do this again. Which we will. Because if there is one thing I have learned about triathlon, it’s that you never remember this feeling. Never.

Hopefully next time I’m feeling  it, I’ll have wife waiting at home, cooking me breakfast after cleaning the house. Man, a girl can dream, right?

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2010 Warrior Games

We had to write essay’s detailing why we wanted to volunteer at the Warrior Games this week. That’s a fair request – my company is paying for the whole trip, including our time away from our clients, they had a right to ask us to detail why we think we should receive such an honor.

It was an easy essay for me to write. If the purpose of the Warrior Games is to promote rehabilitation through competition and athletics, well, I can relate to that. (I was a heart patient before I was a triathlete, right?). If it’s to honor our troops who have sacrificed greatly in service to our country, well, I look at my veteran husband and can relate to that, too. But the essay was about me, and what the games meant to me, and that was probably the first indication that I had no idea what I was doing here this week.

It’s only Wednesday. The games aren’t over, and I haven’t even begun to process the final outcome of what it means to be out here, doing this, for me, but especially for them. I’m not sure I can process how hard it was for me to look into the eyes of a 20 year old whose face was completely covered in bandages, as the skin had all been burned off, and how disappointed I was in myself for not being able to take it in stride. Or how I looked at a blind double amputee and thought, “He swims faster than me. Holy god.” Or how I see an athlete who appears to be able bodied, and know that the injuries I can’t see might be the worst of all.

I worked yesterday at the preliminary round of the seated volleyball competition. The Marines were killing it (of course they were), but all the athletes were amazing. The athletes with legs were complaining that their legs were getting in the way of their moving around the court, and they were right. There was one call I had to make, a serve that went juuuuuuust a bit outside, and I swear I thought the entire Army team, in addition to their 50 spectators, were going to rush the field and kick my everloving ass. It was the most intense sporting event I’ve ever been to, and I prayed for the game to be won definitively, not by a line judge call, so I could leave there without armed escort, and that’s pretty much the moment I stopped seeing the missing legs and fingers and started cheering for these athletes.

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Hi all! Just wanted to throw a gratutious self pimp out there to let you know that I’ll be contributing to the Waypoint Group’s blog, “Customer Insight= Revenue”. I’ve worked in the field of client satisfaction/quality programs for awhile, and the guys at Waypoint are doing some great thinking/writing regarding the field as a whole. I’m thrilled they asked me to contribute, and excited to have another outlet with which to complain about bad customer service (United Airlines, I am STILL looking at you.)

Oh, I’m just kidding, this field is more than just complaining – there are some really great school of thought regarding the best and most profitable ways to leverage customer feedback, and I’m glad to be included as a contributing mind.

I know this is interesting to exactly 1% of the population, but that 1% is you, feel free to go check it out!

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1. The weather, God, the weather. It is summer here, and while I will reserve the right to bitch about the heat and humidity, for now, I enjoyed a long ride out in the sun with my friends, the type of ride I dreamed about way back in February when I was stuck under two feet of snow. It was, indeed, fabulous

2. My friend Emily, who is well on her way to being the most amazing massage therapist, is using me for homework. Her homework coincided with the end of the above long ride, and if a beautiful, fun bike ride with friends ending with an amazing full body massage doesn’t make for best Sunday ever, well, I just do not know what does.

3. TriComet is back! Love having Haley back home and in our lives. She is staying with us while her apartment is getting ready, and our weird little family is having the best time time catching up and hanging out.

4. The U.S. Paralympics! My company is one of the sponsors of the U.S. Paralympics/Warrior Games and they are sending me out there next week to volunteer and support. I am SO EXCITED to see these athletes up close. The official blurb for the Warrior Games is:

Wounded servicemen and women will compete in the inaugural Warrior Games May 10-14, 2010, through a joint effort between the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Olympic Committee. These inaugural games are part of an effort to inspire recovery, capitalize on physical fitness, and promote new opportunities for growth and achievement.

I mean, how amazing is that? Very excited to see it up close and personal, and to assist in anyway that I can.

(Interesting note: Included among the definition of “wounded” is those suffering from PTSD. I am extremely proud of the military for recognizing PTSD as a debilitating condition and supporting their people in recovery with the same enthusiasm as those with physical ailments. Very cool.)

Less Fabulous:

1. Actually, I had a whole list of not fabulous things to talk about, but my “Fabulous” list made me like life so much that I almost don’t want to start complaining.


3. I suppose the only un-fabulous thing that is worth noting is the reason Haley is home from Iraq early: she has sustained a stress fracture in her femur (…ouch). So, that is hugely sucky, in that she’d rather be over there and functional, then back here and hobbling. I have been enjoying watching her render jerks speechless; you would be amazed at how many smart ass comments a cute little blond girl will get while hobbling along on crutches, and it’s awesomely satisfying to see the embarrassment those smart-asses experience when she shuts them up with a quick “I fractured my femur in Iraq. I got back yesterday. Thanks for your support”

Anyhoo, back to the grindstone; work, laundry, train, eat, laundry, eat, train, work, rinse, repeat!

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