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I Love a Rainy Night

Maybe it’s the Minnesota girl in me, but this picture from my friend’s lake house just feels like home to me. A big lake covered in rain – man, I wish I was there right now, curled up inside, watching the water.

I love rainy weather. I love running/biking in the rain, getting muddy and dirty in a way that adults don’t generally deem acceptable, and knowing that only people who truly love to run and bike are out there with you; our own little fraternity of crazies, getting to experience the city in a way most people miss. I love coming home after said muddying and taking a long hot shower, warm and secure inside while the rain swirls around outside. Rainy days give you a great excuse to hibernate and cuddle up with a good book, a good person, or a good group of friends.

A good friend once told me that Seattle was full of people who used to like rain. I’m sure he’s right, and I’m sure I’d miss spring if I didn’t have the promise that it would most definitely be coming, but honestly, this rainy spring in DC has been one of my favorites.

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Great post today at Bodies in Motivation:

No one likes running. This I believe firmly: this is why I kind of
silently roll my eyes when I hear my friends say, ‘I can’t run. I hate

Well- yes, you can. And everyone hates running.”

Go read the whole thing. And then go for a run.

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