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Note To Self

When partaking in “Operation: Smokin’ Hot Bod“*, the correct response to the “I’ll just have a snack now because dinner is in 3 hours” thought is NOT the leftover calzone waiting for you in the fridge.

Protein shake, cliff bar, cottage cheese, chocolate milk: Yes.
Cheesy carbtastic calzone (but it had SPINACH. Which is HEALTHY): No

*Also known as: 2 months before wedding

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Bringing Moose with me on errands is great; see below him carrying a pound of coffee beans back to the house.

(trust me on this: that is what he’s doing. If he’s carrying something, then he is going to beeline for home, no matter how much I’d like to get a picture taken)

Obviously, the next step is to teach him to make the coffee, but I’m concerned he won’t get the milk:sugar ratio correct. It just so hard, sometimes, training a puppy.

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Ugh, this annoys me.

This article discussing the “Gay Problem” at American Idol; specifically saying:

“… it’s complicated. On the one hand, the show is supposed to be a family-friendly event”

Now, I know I trend to the left of um… most people… when dealing with things like this, but help me out: being gay isn’t family friendly? C’mon! Call me crazy, but if we keep treating “gay” as “wrong”, won’t kids grow up thinking it is? Isn’t this kind of a self fulfilling prophesy?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a whole generation of kids grow up to think there is nothing abnormal or wrong about being gay? That it’s just one of the many differences that exist between one person to the next?

I’m about to become a stepmom, so these kinds of things swirl around my mind a lot. When my step daughter was in DC last, we had dinner with a good friend of mine. Throughout the course of the dinner, my friend was telling me about the date he went on and how he was excited about this new guy he was seeing. Normal chatty friend conversation. It didn’t occur to me until later that the idea of two men dating might seem weird to my stepdaughter, and maybe I overstepped a boundary or two by not censoring the conversation. But in my next breath, I thought “Eh, whatever. I don’t want to give the impression that there’s something wrong about my friend’s dating life, because I don’t think there is, and I don’t want [stepdaughter] to think there is, either.”

Granted, she’s not my child and it’s not for me to make these decisions, so in a sense I did overstep a boundary line if her parents feel differently. But I really do believe that kids learn by watching, and the reactions we have to the world around us will influence what they think is normal. What a shame American Idol sees fit to prepetuate a culture of homophobia to the next generation.

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Judge Not…

A few years ago, a good friend of mine was running along the National Mall, listening to music, completely oblivious to the fact that there were two police cars directly behind her, sirens blaring, speeding down the sidewalk of the Mall, trying to get her out of the way. (There had been a stabbing up ahead and they were en route to the scene).

Now, some might see this as a good parable explaining why we shouldn’t listen to music when we run in the city near cars; I, however, see this is a good parable explain why you think through the intended point of any given story – in this case, upon hearing the tale, the question that was immediately asked was: “Yeah, but what song were you listening too?”

The answer, she finally admitted, was Hanson’s “MMM Bop”, to which we all made fun of her, because… Hanson. And then of course we went home and downloaded the song immediately, because say what you will, that is a damn good running song.

I was thinking about this story the other day as I was running along jamming to the ultra-cool title track from “Flashdance,” and I realized that, really, even the biggest music snob gives a pass when the playlist being considered is for running. In that spirit, I give you the last few tracks played on my run from earlier this week, assuming, of course, the “No Judgment on Music Taste” principle extends to the Internets:

– Paper Planes
– Let’s Hear It For The Boy (WHAT?)
– My Life Would Suck Without You (oh man, I love you too, K.Clar.)
– The trailer music to “Kill Bill”
– Summer Love (Timberlake, not Travolta)
– Regulators
– Just a Friend
– Sweet Child o Mine
– Encore (JayZ/Linkin Park)
– Cold Hearted Snake (WHAT?!)
– Before He Cheats
– Cherry, Cherry. (Yeah, I said it. WHAT)

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