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I have found myself in this very strange position of very much liking my job, yet I have just quit.

I’ve experienced, in the past few years, the perfect storm of executive sponsorship, fully funded budgets, and enthusiastic mentoring, and am extremely interested in my field, and love the work that I do.

And so I quit.

It totally sucks. I cannot believe I am leaving a job that I built up and that I love. But I really believe that you need to change jobs, or at least roles, at least every two years. After three years in my current role, I can feel myself starting to coast, a bit. That’s not a good thing for me. In college, the best grades I got were for the hardest professors; I need to feel the pressure of being slightly out of my league in order to perform at the top of my game. And I feel like it’s time to switch things up a bit. Do something different, again.

Now, the good thing about working in a consulting firm is that you can quit your job but not leave the company; while I’ve accepted a role with a different team, I don’t need to go through an interview process, change my W-2 information, or even say good bye to the people I work with. Hell, my commute won’t even change(…sigh) I’m spending the next few months transferring my program over to someone new, and that in itself is exciting; my successor has strengths that I don’t and I can already see the next phase of the program and how he is going to improve upon the foundation. It’s all going to work out.

But I’m still having a minor breakdown about it, though I am assured that this angsty feeling will subside as soon as I get immersed in my new position. Here’s to building character, right? Right. Wish me luck.

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